Pet Sitter Benefits

What is a pet sitter?

Our Critter Sitters are animal loving adults who enjoy interacting with all types of animals, and we are all pet owners ourselves. We love our jobs and enjoy providing personal one-on-one care for your pet in your own home. We travel to your home to give your pet tender loving care including feeding, walking, playing, brushing, administering medication and more.  Our hope is to become their “second family” when you can’t be there. All of our pet sitters have been hand picked by the owner after going through a rigorous selection process, which includes interviews and background checks. They are all bonded & carry liability insurance.

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Why use a pet sitter?

Why not just use a kennel or just hire a neighborhood teen?

  • Your pet remains in their safe, comfortable environment where everything is familiar.
  • There is no need to plan your departure and return times based on kennel hours or someone else’s schedule. We come to you!
  • Your pets can stay on their regular routine with medicines, diet & exercise.
  • Your pets receive individual TLC, brushing, petting, playing etc.
  • Your pet won’t be exposed to illnesses or parasites from other animals.
  • We are professionals and we care for your pet as scheduled, not just when it is convenient.
  • Your home is checked on daily – mail and newspapers are brought in and trash is taken out.
  • Plants are cared for.
  • Your home’s occupied look is maintained by rotating lights and blinds.
  • You can relax knowing your pet is receiving expert care by dedicated handlers.
  • On-line scheduling, E-mail or phone reports are available.
  • If we have a copy of your key, you can even call for emergency care.



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